Corporate culture


Twin Tower culture refers to the sum of twin tower spirit, twin tower style, twin tower values, twin tower concept, mode of thinking and attitude, and is a kind of cultural accomplishment and quality reflected by all Twin Tower people who pursue goals persistently and never give up。The culture of Shuangtower embodies the value orientation of the overall development goal of Shuangtower industry and the individual pursuit of goals of employees, which perfectly combines the development of Shuangtower with the individual value pursuit of employees, so that every employee of Shuangtower fully realizes his personal pursuit and the value of life in realizing the big goal of creating a world-famous brand of Shuangtower.
In 1996, Yang Junmin was appointed to take over the task of revitalizing the fan industry. Since then, he has led the company to continue to develop and grow, becoming an important period for the transformation and upgrading of Twin Towers and boosting the national industry, and it is also a precious stage for us to constantly seek and explore the truth of management。Now, we Shuangta people after more than ten years of continuous search, accumulation, precipitation, summary, revision and improvement, has initially established a set of management model with its own characteristics。It is based on innovative and pragmatic twin tower culture as the core,With strict, standard, standardized institutionalized management and never complacent learning innovation for the two wings,It is based on the management experience and philosophy accumulated by Shuangtower for more than ten years,ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality and environmental management system as reference,At the same time learn from the management experience of other excellent enterprises and constantly improve the formation。
Mr. Yang Junmin, chairman of the company, has devoted a lot of effort to the company's enterprise management. Combining the development process of the company and many years of talent training experience, he has realized a lot of management essence and carefully summarized, forming the connotation of enterprise management with the characteristics of the company。These management connotations guide all staff to strive for the common goal and play an extremely important role in the process of creating valuable orders。
Twin Tower culture is a deep connotation of the enterprise culture, reflects a lot of management essence, through the practice of the verification, to promote the double speed of the development of Twin Tower industry, is the enterprise in the market competition indestructible fundamental。It can enable employees to improve their own quality and become an excellent employee;It can make the manager improve the management level and become an excellent manager;It enables employees to look at problems correctly, solve problems, and establish a correct outlook on life。
The cultivation of talents by the Twin Towers culture,Improve the quality and accomplishment of employees,Improved management, leadership and communication skills,Plays an extremely important role,There are many Twintower employees who learn, accept, and follow the Twintower culture so that they quickly get personal growth and value,Achieved personal success in business and life。
The company implements military management, holds a flag-raising ceremony every week, and organizes a military training exercise every year。Through military management, standardize the behavior of employees, forge employees' indomitable will to bear hardships and stand hard work, the fine style of action, unity and cooperation, and the overall consciousness of willing to contribute。It is necessary to recruit a group of army veterans every year, train them to the middle-level cadre team, regularly organize military training for all cadres and staff, enhance the executive power and service consciousness of party members and cadres, and forge the strong quality of party members and cadres who "come at a moment's call, can fight, and will win.。
Today, our twin tower management mode has abandoned the initial stage of "governing people by people", institutionalized management is playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of enterprise production and operation, and the modern enterprise management system has occupied a dominant position in the twin Tower。